Moraga History – Walking Tour: Saint Mary’s College

Saint Mary’s College: A Historical Adventure

Hi! My name is Daniel Berkes. I am an Eagle Scout in Troop 212 in Moraga and a student at De La Salle High School in Concord (Graduating class of 2023). The following web page is part of my Eagle Scout Project, completed in 2022. In conjunction with 3 physical markers around the campus of Saint Mary’s College (SMC), my project documents three important aspects of the history of SMC that helped make the college what it is today. I chose these specific topics because of their impact on the development of the college, as well as what I thought were the most interesting parts of the rich history of Saint Mary’s. These brief expositions are only a fraction of the amazing history of Moraga and of the college, which is why I included more references at the bottom of every Stop in case you would like to learn more.

Daniel Berkes’ Eagle Scout Project: I would like to especially thank Troop 212, Mrs. Julie Lekki, Mr. Ed Nagayama, the brothers community of Saint Mary’s College, especially Brother Charles Hilken, Brother Carter Powers, and Brother Raphael Patton, and Moraga Historical Society for their help with this project. Finally, thank you to Mr. John Kaiser for helping me build the web pages supporting this walking tour. Enjoy the adventure, and I hope you learn a lot!

Walking Tour SMC Map

QR Codes for the Saint Mary’s College Walking Tour

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Train Station

Pre-Flight Base

Football History

How To Do The Tour:
This Saint Mary’s historical adventure can be done in a variety of ways. If you are up for an adventure, explore the campus until you find a marker that looks like this:

Examples of Stop Plaques

I’ll give you one clue to start you off – Cottrell Field. From there, scan the QR code using your cell phone camera. The QR code will take you to a webpage in which you can read about the history of the location where you are standing. You can view pictures, maps, other sources of information, and clues to the locations of the other markers. Continue your campus adventure until you have visited all the markers and learned a lot about SMC history!

If you are not up for a lot of walking, simply click the links on this webpage to each location, where you can read all the history you want from where you are standing.

There is only one rule – Have fun, and learn a lot!

Walking Tour SMC Photo