Moraga History – Moraga 50th Anniversary

Moraga was incorporated as a town in 1974 and will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2024. The Moraga Historical Society is undertaking a push to update the web site with historical material from the past 50 years. We are looking for photographs of businesses and buildings along with permission to post them on our web site. The MHS Quarterly Newsletter has featured a series of articles describing different periods of Moraga’s history which can be viewed individually through our Newsletter Excerpts Index. So far this year we have covered 2024 Q1: Early Development in Moraga 1914-1964, 2024 Q1: The Shepherd Canyon Highway 77 Controversy, and 2024 Q2: The Struggle for Cityhood.

Town Incorporation Posters

Get Out the Vote

Town Ballot

Town Council Candidates

Town is Born

Town Incorporation

Town Ribbon Cutting

Town Cleanup

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Drawing the Town Boundaries