Voices of the Past

The Moraga Historical Society has a collection of audio and video recordings in various physical formats featuring community member interviews and past events. Some of them have been digitized but still need to be converted into a format suitable for publishing on YouTube. Others await the digitization efforts of future volunteers. Voices from the Past is an index of those recordings we have published to our @MoragaHistory YouTube channel. A “details” link takes you to a page with more details about that recording.

My Town Moraga – From Ranch to Town – Memories of Moraga’s Past In 2006 Susan Sperry and Fran Strykowski conducted interviews with six Moraga old-timers: Sam Carr, at the time Moraga’s oldest living native, Ed Lucas who joined the Moraga Fire Department in 1959, Vic Pagliero who came to Moraga in 1936, Charlie Toll who came to Moraga in 1955, Frank Trelut, a third generation Moragan, and Gordon Frazell, a Moraga rancher since 1944. They combined the interviews with photographs and film footage to produce this 28:54 minute video published in 2007 which captures aspects of Moraga’s transition from a farming and ranching community into a town that finally incorporated in 1974. The original included music from famous country singers between the various sections but for copyright reasons it has been replaced with music composed by Cameron Kaiser for the online version.