Moraga History Center – Resources – Library Catalog by Author

The library’s book collection is organized by subject. Use this index by author to find the book where it is shelved. Books are available for viewing in our archive at the History Center (1500 St. Mary’s Road, Moraga, CA 94556-2099).

Author Title Subject Publisher Year
ABBOT, Willis J. The United States in the Great War MISSIONS Leslie-Judge Co. 1919
ADAMS, James Truslow Atlas of American History CA Hist BEFORE 1848 Charles Scribner’s Sons 1943
ADLER, Patricia-Editor Fire in the Hills, A Collective Remembrance OAKLAND Self Published 1992
ALKIRE, Margie & GIBLIN, Karin Pleasant Hill California, 1961-1986 RANCHOS City of Pleasant Hill 1981
ALLER, Paul & ALLER, Doris Build Your Own Adobe SEARS CATALOGS Stanford University Press 1948
ALTROCCHI, Julia Cooley The Spectacular San Franciscans CONTRA COSTA CO HISTORY E. P. Dutton and Company, Inc. 1949
AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS Historic Civil Engineering Landmarks CA Nat’l Resources PARKS Pacific Gas and Electric Company 1977
ANDRADA, Randy They Did It Everytime–The Saga of the Saint Mary’s Gaels SAN FRANCISCO Powder River Publishing Company 1975
ANDREWS, Edna May History of Concord-Its Progress and Promise CA Hist BEFORE 1848 Concord Historical Society 1986
ANZA, Juan Bautista de Anza’s Comanche Campaign ALAMEDA Ronald E. Kessler 1994
ARCHDIOCESE OF SAN FRANCISCO The Monitor-Official Newspaper of the Archdiocese CA HISTORY GENERAL The Archdiocese of San Francisco 1953
ARGUELLO, Luis Antonio The Diary of Captain Luis Antonio Arguello ARGUELLO Friends of the Bancroft Library, U.C. 1992
ARMOUR, Richard–Introduction Give Me Liberty CONTRA COSTA CO HISTORY The World Publishing Company 1969
ARNOLD, Warren Indian Camp HOUSES 1975
Rancho Days SAN FRANCISCO Orinda School District 1975
ATHERTON, Gertrude Golden Gate Country CONTRA COSTA CO HISTORY Duell, Sloan & Pearce 1945
ATKINSON, Janet I. Los Angeles County Historical Directory MISSIONS McFarland & Company, Inc. 1933
AVINA, Rose H. Spanish & Mexican Land Grants in California CA Hist BOLTON R and E Research Associates 1973
BAER, Morley; POMADA Elizabeth; LARSEN, Michael Painted Ladies, San Francisco’s Resplendent Victorians CA NATURAL RESOURCES E. P. Dutton 1978
BALLS, Edward K. Early Uses of California Plants CA GOV’T & POLITICS University of Calilfornia Press 1962
BANCROFT, Hubert Howe History of CA HISTORY GENERAL n.d.
History of California, Vol l, 1542-1800 CA HISTORY GENERAL Wallace Hebberd, Santa Barbara 1963
History of California, Vol ll, 1801-1824 CA HISTORY GENERAL Wallace Hebberd, Santa Barbara 1965
History of California, Vol lll, 1825-1840 CA HISTORY GENERAL Wallace Hebberd, Santa Barbara 1966
History of California, Vol lV, 1840-1845 CA HISTORY GENERAL Wallace Hebberd, Santa Barbara 1969
History of California, vol V, 1846-1848 CA HISTORY GENERAL Wallace Hebberd, Santa Barbara 1970
History of California, Vol Vl, 1848-1859 CA HISTORY GENERAL Wallace Hebberd, Santa Barbara 1970
History of California, Vol Vll, 1860-1890 CA HISTORY GENERAL Wallace Hebberd, Santa Barbara 1970
The Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft, Vol XlX CA HISTORY GENERAL The History Company, San Francisco n.d.
The Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft, Vol XlX CA HISTORY GENERAL The History Company, San Francisco 1886
The Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft, Vol XVlll CA HISTORY GENERAL A.L. Bancroft & Company, San Francisco 1884
The Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft, Vol XX CA HISTORY GENERAL The History Company, San Francisco 1886
The Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft, Vol XXl CA HISTORY GENERAL The History Company, San Francisco 1886
The Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft, Vol XXll CA HISTORY GENERAL The History Company, San Francisco 1886
BANDINI, Rev. Albert R. Fray Junipero of California CONTRA COSTA CO HISTORY The Monitor Publishing Co. 1949
BAUER, Helen California Indian Days NATIVE AMERICANS Doubleday & Co. 1963
California Mission Days CA Hist GOLD RUSH California State Department of Education 1957
California Rancho Days SAN FRANCISCO California State Department of Education 1957
BAUMGARTNER, Jerome W. Rancho Santa Margarita Remembered–An Oral History SAN FRANCISCO Fithian Press 1989
BAXTER, Don J. Missions of California CA Hist TEXTBOOK Pacific Gas and Electric Company 1970
BAY AREA ELECTRIC RAILROAD Assoc. BAERA Journal Spring 2007 WALNUT CREEK Bay Area Electric Railroad Assoc. 2007
BEAN Walton California, An Interpretive History SAINT MARY’S COLLEGE McGraw-Hill Book Company 1968
BEEBE, Lucius & CLEGG, Charles The Trains We Rode, Vol I, Alton–New York Central UNITED STATES Howell-North Books 1965
The Trains We Rode, Volume II–Northern Pacific-Wabash UNITED STATES Howell-North Books 1966
BEIDLEMAN, Richard G. Callifornia’s Frontier Naturalists VASQUEZ FAMILY University of California Press 2006
BELLE, Frances P. & PAZ, Ireneo Joaquin Murrieta-His Exploits in the State of California OAKLAND The Charles T. Powner Co. 1937
BENNETT, Wm. P. The First Baby in Camp MISSIONS A. Edwards 1978
BERGER, John A. The Franciscan Missions of California CA Hist GOLD RUSH Doubleday & Company, Inc. 1941
BLEDSOE, A. J. Indian Wars of the Northwest NATIVE AMERICANS Biobooks 1956
BLEDSOE, Thomas Poems in Praise of Fray Junipero Serra/Missions He Founded-CA CONTRA COSTA CO HISTORY Thomas Bledsoe 1969
BOERICKE, Art & SHAPIRO, Barry Handmade Houses SEARS CATALOGS Scrimshaw Press 1973
BOLTON, Herbert & MARSHALL, Thomas The Colonization of North America RAILROADS MacMillan Company 1920
BOLTON, Herbert E. & ADAMS, Ephraim D. California’s Story RAILROADS Allyn and Bacon 1922
BOLTON, Herbert Eugene Anza’s California Expeditions 5 vols ANZA Russell & Russell 1966
Opening of the Continent, A Syllabus RAILROADS University of California 1942
Palou’s Historical Memoirs of New California, Volume 1 RAILROADS Russell & Russell 1926
Palou’s Historical Memoirs of New California, Volume 2 RAILROADS Russell & Russell 1966
Palou’s Historical Memoirs of New California, Volume 3 RAILROADS Russell & Russell 1966
Palou’s Historical Memoirs of New California, Volume 4 RAILROADS Russell & Russell 1966
Rim of Christendom RAILROADS MacMillan Co. 1936
BONNYAY, Ene T. Lamorinda MISSIONS Drumgarth LLC 1999
BOSQUI, Edward Memoirs of Edward Bosqui ANZA Holmes Book Co. 1952
BRACKETT, R. W. A History of the Ranchos of San Diego County, California SAN FRANCISCO Union Title Insurance and Trust Company 1939
BRANDES, Ray, Translator The Costanso Narrative of the Portola Expediton CA HISTORY GENERAL Hogarth Press 1970
BREWERr, William H. Up and Down California in 1860-1864 MONTEREY University of California Press 1966
BROTHER CORNELIUS Keith, Old Master of California LAFAYETTE Putnam 1942
Keith, Old Master of California, Vol. 2 LAMORINDA Academy Library Guild 1956
BROWN, Dee Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee NATIVE AMERICANS Holt, Rinehart & Winston 1970
BROWN, Karl F. California Missions – A Guide to the Historic Trails of the Padres CA Hist GOLD RUSH Garden City Publishing Co., Inc. 1939
BROWN, Vinson & ANDREWS, Douglas The Pomo Indians of California NATIVE AMERICANS Naturegraph Publishers 1969
BRUBAKER, Isabelle, Spencer 1850-1950, 100 Years of Growth MORAGA HISTORY Self Published 1975
BUREAR OF THE CENSUS Historical Statistics of the United States, 1789-1945 MAPS & ATLASES United States Department of Commerce 1949
BURNS, Jeffrey M. San Francisco-A History of the Archdiocese of San Francisco CA HISTORY GENERAL Editions Du Signe n.d.
BUTLER, Mary Ellen Prophet of the Parks-The Story of William Penn Mott, Jr. OAKLAND The National Recreation and Part Association 1999
CA DEPT OF EDUCATION Cabrillo, John Rodrigues, Discoverer of California US Hist the WEST State of California 1935
Constitution of the State of California SAN FRANCISCO Telefact Foundation 1965
CA Dept. of Natural Resources CA Historical Landmarks WATER State of California n.d.
CA STATE ARCHIVES Archival & Manuscript Repositories in California CA GOV’T & POLITICS Society of California Archivists 1984
CAHEN Louis H. and FITZPATRICK, Edward I. The Empire Of The Golden Gate-1858-1928 CA HISTORY GENERAL H. S. Crocker Company, Inc. 1928
CALIFORNIA HISTORICAL SOCIETY Indians of California MISSIONS California Historical Society 1992
CALIFORNIANS INC The Chapter in Your Life entitled San Francisco CA HISTORY GENERAL Californians Inc. 1946
CANYON SCHOOL CLASS OF 1987 Canyon–A Childs View CA Hist BEFORE 1848 Canyon School 1987
CARDINELL-VINCENT CO. San Francisco, The Exposition City, 1915 CA Nat’l Resources PLANTS & FLOWERS Cardinell-Vincent Co. n.d.
CARLISLE, Henry C. San Francisco Street Names CONTRA COSTA CO GEOLOGY American Trust Company, San Francisco 1954
CARNER-RIBALTA, J. Gaspar De Portola ANZA TRAIL Tecolote Publications 1990
CARPENTER, E. J. & COSBY, S. W. Soil Survey CA Hist BEFORE 1848 United States Department of Agriculture 1939
CARRILLO, Leo The Califiornia I Love KEITH, WILLIAM Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, N.J. 1961
The California I Love NATIVE AMERICANS Prentice-Hall, Inc, Englewood Cliffs, N.J. 1961
CAUGHEY, John Walton California RAILROADS Prentice-Hall 1946
CHANDLER, Arthur Old Tales of San Francisco CA NATURAL RESOURCES Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company 1977
CHAPMAN, Charles E. History of California, the Spanish Period US Hist the WEST Macmillan Co. 1930
CHAPMAN, Charles Edward Colonial Hispanic America: A History LOS ANGLES The Macmillan Company 1933
CHEATHAM, Wilma G. Story of Contra Costa County for Boys & Girls SERRA, FATHER JUNIPERO Harr Wagner 1942
CITY OF WALNUT CREEK Walnut Creek-A Look Back MORAGA HISTORY City of Walnut Creek 1994
CLAPPE, Louise The Shirley Letters MONTEREY Peregrine Smith Inc. 1970
CLAR, C. Raymond Quarterdecks and Spanish Grants CA Hist BOLTON Glenwood Publishers 1971
CLARKE, James El Camino Real CA Hist BANCROFT W.P.A. San Diego Public Schools 1936
CLARY, Raymond H. The Making of Golden Gate Park, The Early Years: 1865-1906 CA Nat’l Resources PARKS Don’t Call It Frisco 1986
The Making of Golden Gate Park, The Growing Years: 1906-1950 CA Nat’l Resources PLANTS & FLOWERS Don’t Call It Frisco Press 1987
CLELAND, Robert Glass A History of California, The American Period MISSIONS MacMillan Company 1922
From Wilderness to Empire, A History of California RANCHOS Alfred A. Knopf 1960
CLEMENTS, Edith S. Flowers of the Coast & Sierra CA Hist BANCROFT H.W. Wilson Company 1928
COLLIER, George Mexican Land Cases in Contra Costa County SAN FRANCISCO 1970
COLLIER, George C. Laguna de Los Palos Colorados – Moraga Rancho, C.C.Co. FORTS Self Published 1976
COLLINS, Katherine ‘Tina’ Davi Pioneer Italian Fishermen of Martinez-‘Nostri Pescatori’ CA Hist BOLTON Katherine Collins 1997
CONMY, Peter Thomas Benicia – Intended Metropolis BERKELEY Grand Parlor Native Sons of the Golden West 1958
The Beginnings of Oakland, California, A.U.C. ORINDA Oakland Public Library 1961
The Constitutional Beginnings of California CA Hist BEFORE 1848 Native Sons of the Golden West 1959
CONTRA COSTA COUNTY Genealogical Society CA Cemetery Records Contra Costa Co, Vol 1 SAN FRANCISCO Contra Costa County Genealogical Society 1980
CA Cemetery Records Contra Costa Co, Vol 2 SAN FRANCISCO Contra Costa County Genealogical Society 1990
CA Cemetery Records Contra Costa Co, Vol 3 SAN FRANCISCO Contra Costa County Genealogical Society 1990
CONTRA COSTA COUNTY Planning Department Historic Resources Inventory UNITED STATES Contra Costa County 1976
COOK, S.F. Anthropological Records Aboriginal Populations LAFAYETTE University of California Press 1955
Anthropological Records Expeditions LAFAYETTE University of California Press 1960
COOLEY, Everett L., Editor The Last Spike is Driven UNITED STATES Utah Historical Quarterly 1969
COSTANSO, Miguel The Discovery of San Francisco Bay ANZA TRAIL Great Western Books 1992
COY, Owen C. Pictorial History of California RAILROADS University of California Extension Division Berkeley 1925
CROCKER, Florence B. Who Made Oakland? ORINDA Clyde Dalton 1925
CROUCH, Steve Steinbeck Country CONCORD Crown Publishers, Inc. 1973
CROUCH, Winston & McHENRY, Dean California Government Politics & Administration CA Hist BEFORE 1848 University of California Press 1945
CRUTCHFIELD, James A. It Happened in Arizona BENICIA Falcon Press Publishing Co., Inc. 1938
CULLIMORE, Clarence Santa Barbara Adobes WATER Santa Barbara Book Publishing Co. 1948
CUMMINGS, G. A. and PLADWELL, E. S. Oakland…A History OAKLAND The Grant D. Miller Mortuaries, Inc. 1942
CUTTER, Donald Colgett Moraga of the Military: His California Service, 1784-1810 CONTRA COSTA CO HISTORY Self Published 1943
DE GROOT, Brother Henry Saints Names Abound in California’s Mission Ranchos SAN FRANCISCO 1968
DEMORO, Harre W. California’s Electric Railways RAILROADS Interurban Press 1986
The Key Route-Transbay Commuting by Train & Ferry, Pt. 1 RAILROADS Interurban Press 1985
The Key Route-Transbay Commuting by Train & Ferry, Pt. 2 RAILROADS Interurban Press 1985
DeVOTO, Bernard the Year of Decision, 1846 MISSIONS Little, Brown and Company 1943
DICKSON, Samuel San Francisco Is Your Home CONTRA COSTA CO HISTORY Stanford University Press 1947
DILLON, Richard Great Expectations, Story of Benicia, CA BENICIA Benicia Heritage Book, Inc. 1980
DOTSON, Irma McGinnis San Ramon Branch Line of the Southern Pacific US Hist the WEST Museum of the San Ramon Valley 1991
DOW, Earle W. Atlas of European History CA Hist BEFORE 1848 Henry Holt and Company 1907
DRAEGER, Frank Developing the Moraga Company Ranch LIBRARIES Moraga Historical Society 1986
Developing the Moraga Company Ranch, 1922-1977 GARDENS Moraga Historical Society 1986
DURRENBERGER, Robert W. Patterns on the Land CA Hist BEFORE 1848 Roberts Publishing Co. 1957
DURRENBERGERr, Robert W. Patterns on the Land CA Hist BEFORE 1848 National Press Books 1965
DUTTON, Davis A California Portfolio–The Golden State in Words & Pictures RAILROADS Automobile Club of Southern California 1970
EARGLE, Jr., Dolan Tickets, Please…All About California Railroads US Hist the WEST California Living Books, The Hearst Corporation 1979
EARLY, H. Eugene The Moragas in California: Father and Son EARTHQUAKE Self Published 1935
EAST BAY MUNICIPAL UTILITY DISTRICT Water Supply Mgmt Pgm, Comments & Responses MUIR, JOHN East Bay Municipal Utility District 1989
Water Supply Mgmt Pgm-Final Environmental Impact Report MUIR, JOHN EIP Associates 1989
Water Supply Mgmt Pgm-Technical Report and Appendices MORAGA RANCHO East Bay Municipal Utility District 1989
Water Supply Mgmt. Pgm.-Final Environmental Impact Rpt. Vol I MORAGA RANCHO EIP Associates 1989
ELDER, Jeane Walnut Creek Learns the Alphabet MORAGA HISTORY Holmgangers Press 1974
ELSTOB, Winston & SHROPSHIRE, Helen Handbook for Re-Enactment of Juan Bautista de Anza Expedition ANZA California Heritage Guides 1975
EMANUALS, George John Muir Inventor MURRIETA, JOAQUIN Panorama West Books 1985
EMANUELS, George California Indians, An Illustrated Guide NATIVE AMERICANS Kings River Press 1932
Contra Costa County, An Illustrated History SERRA, FATHER JUNIPERO Panorama West Books 1986
Walnut Creek-Arroyo De Las Nueces MORAGA RANCHO Diablo Books 1984
Ygnacio Valley, 1834-1970 MORAGA RANCHO Self Published 1982
EMPARAN, Madie Brown The Vallejos of California MORAGA FAMILY The Gleeson Library Associates 1968
ENGELHARDT, Fr. Zephyrin, O.F.M. Holy Man of Santa Clara-Life,Virtues,Miracles-Fr Magin Catala CA Hist GOLD RUSH The James H. Barry Company 1909
San Buenaventura, The Mission by the Sea CA Hist TEXTBOOK The Schauer Printing Studio, Inc. 1930
ENGERHARDT, O.F.M., Fr. Zephyrin, San Franicsco or Mission Dolores CA Hist GOLD RUSH Franciscan Herald Press 1924
ERICKSON, C. E. Sunset Sportsman’s Atlas,San Francisco Bay and Delta Area CA Hist BEFORE 1848 Lane Publishing Company 1955
FABER, Gail & LASAGNA, Michelle Whispers From The First Californians NATIVE AMERICANS Magpie Publications 1980
FABERr, Phyllis M. Common Wedland Plants of Coastal Callifornia CA Hist BEFORE 1848 Pickleweed Press 1990
FAULK, Odie B. Land of Many Frontiers MARSH, JOHN Oxford University Press 1968
FAY, James S., Editor California Almanac 6th Edition MONTEREY Pacific Data Resources 1993
FELDHAUS, Joseph Anthony The Moragas–Soldiers, Explorers, Founders CONTRA COSTA CO HISTORY Self Published 1950
FIBEL, Pearl Randolph The Peraltas, Spanish Pioneers & First Family of East Bay RANCHOS Peralta Hospital 1971
FIBUSH, Dorothy Shepherd Dark Clouds and Silver Linings LOS ANGELES Creative Arts Book Company 1995
FINK, Augusta Adobes in the Sun: Portraits of a Tranquil Era CA GOV’T & POLITICS Chronicle Books 1980
Monterey, The Presence of the Past CARPENTIER, HORACE Chronicle Books 1972
FINSON, Bruce Discovering California US Hist the WEST California Academy of Sciences 1983
FISHER, Anne B. No More A Stranger CARPENTIER, HORACE Stanford University Press 1946
FLAMM, Jerry Good Life in Hard Times CA HISTORY GENERAL Chronicle Books 1978
FLANAGAN, Mike Out West MEXICO Harry N. Abrams, Inc 1987
FONT, Padre Pedro, O.F.M., Brother Dennis GOODMAN, Editor The de Anza Exploration of the East Bay April 1-5, 1776 ALAMEDA American Revolution Bicentenial Committee 1976
FORD, Robert S. Red Trains in the East Bay UNITED STATES Interurbans Publication 1977
Red Trains Remembered UNITED STATES Interurban Books 1980
FOWLER, Dorothy A Most Dreadful Earthquake NATIVE AMERICANS California Genealogical Society 2006
FOX, Edith Kirk In Old California NATIVE AMERICANS The Macmillan Company 1927
FRAZER, Robert W. Forts of the West SAN FRANCISCO University of Oklahoma Press 1965
FREDRICKSON, David A. Archaeological Investigation, CC County, CA LAFAYETTE 1968
FREEDMAN, Bernard Americans at Play in Contra Costa County 1850-1875 CA Hist BEFORE 1848 Self Published 1987
FREEMAN, Eleanor Stories of San Mateo County CONTRA COSTA CO HISTORY Harr Wagner Publishing Co. 1938
FREEMAN, Leslie J. Alameda County Past & Present ALAMEDA Press of the San Leandro Reporter 1946
GARATE, Donald Anza’s Return from Alta California ANZA Los Californianos Antepasados IX 1998
GARATE, Donald T. Captain Juan Bautista de Anza–Correspondence 1775 ANZA Los Californianos AntepasadosVII 1995
Juan Bautista de Anza Basque Explorer in the New World ANZA University of Nevada Press 2003
GARATE, Donald T. & GORTAREZ, Maria de Lourdes Documentary Analysis of Surname of Juan Bautista de Anza ANZA n.d.
GEBHARD, David & VonBRETON, Harriette Architecture in California 1868-1968 WALNUT CREEK Regents of the University of California 1968
GEIGER & MEIGHAN As The Padres Saw Them NATIVE AMERICANS Santa Barbara Mission Archive Library 1976
GEIGER, Maynard O.F.M. Franciscan Missionaries in Hispanic California 1769-1848 CA Hist GOLD RUSH The Huntington Library 1969
GEIGER, O.F.M., Ph.D., Maynard J. The Life & Times of Fray Junipero Serra, O.F.M CONTRA COSTA CO HISTORY Academy of American Franciscan History 1959
GENDAR, Jeannine Grass Games & Moon Races HOUSES Heyday Books 1995
GENTRY, Curt The Madams of San Francisco CA NATURAL RESOURCES The New American Library, A Signet Book 1964
GILLIAM, Harold San Francisco Bay CONTRA COSTA CO HISTORY Doubleday & Company, Inc. 1957
GOLDEN GATE NATIONAL RECREATION AREA Creating Park for 21st Century-Military Post to Nat’l Park CA TRAVEL Golden Gate Nat’l Rec. Area CA 1993
GOODMAN, Brother Dennis History of the Rancho Laguna de Los Palos Colorados FORTS Self Published 1968
GRAY, A.A. History of California from 1542 RANCHOS D.C. Heath & Co. 1934
GRIVAS, Theodore Military Governments in California 1846-1850 MISSIONS Arthur H. Clark Company 1963
GUTIERREZ, Ramon & ORSI, Richard, Edts Contested Eden, CA before the Gold Rush NATIVE AMERICANS University of California Press 1997
HAGEMAN, Fred & EWING Russell C. Mission La Purisima Concepcion CA Hist TEXTBOOK Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation 1980
HAGER, Everett G. & HAGER Anna Marie, Editors The Zamorano Indes to History of California by Bancroft, Vol I CA HISTORY GENERAL University of Southern California Press 1985
HAGER, Everett G. & HAGER, Anna Marie, Editors The Zamorano Index to History of California by Bancroft, Vol II CA HISTORY GENERAL University of Southern California Press 1985
HALL, Wilbur The Romance of Obapesla RANCHOS The Kennedy Company 1923
HALLER, Stephen A. Post & Park, Brief Illustrated History- Presidio S.F. CA NATURAL RESOURCES Golden Gate National Parks Association 1997
HARLOW, Ann Bicoastal Artists of the 1870s SAINT MARY’S COLLEGE Hearst Art Gallery, St. Mary’s College 1992
HARLOW, Neal California Conquered MISSIONS University of California Press 1982
HARRISON, James H. Sacramento Northern Gallery WALNUT CREEK Shade Tree Books 2002
HART, Herbert M. Old Forts of the Northwest SAN FRANCISCO Superior Publishing Company 1963
Old Forts of the Southwest SAN FRANCISCO Bonanza Books 1964
Pioneer Forts of the West SAN FRANCISCO Bonanza Books 1981
HART, James D. A Companion to California SAN FRANCISCO University of California Press 1987
HASKELL, Albert G. Old Missions of California CA HISTORY GENERAL Albert G. Haskell Pub. Co. n.d.
HAWGOOD, John A. America’s Western Frontiers LOS ANGLES Alfred A. Knopf 1967
HAWTHORNE, Hildegarde California’s Missions – Their Romance and Beauty CA Hist GOLD RUSH D. Appleton-Century Company, Inc. 1942
HAYTON-KEEVA, SALLY The Mission San Francisco Solano de Sonoma CA Hist STATEHOOD Adobe Books 1988
HEIZER, Robert F. The Costanoan Indians NATIVE AMERICANS California History Center 1974
The Eighteen Unratified Treaties of 1851-52…. NATIVE AMERICANS n.d.
HEIZER, Robt. & ALMQUIST, Alan F. The Other Californians NATIVE AMERICANS University of California Press 1971
HEMP, Michael Kenneth Cannery Row CLAYTON The History Company 1942
HEPBURN, Andrew & LOGAN, Harlan California A Complete Guide CA HISTORY GENERAL Simon & Schuster, NY 1950
HILL, J.L. The Passing of the Indian and Buffalo HOUSES Geo. W. Moyle Publishing Co. n.d.
HILSON, Robert Travers Restoration of Lake La Salle: an Environmental Analysis SAN FRANCISCO 1984
HILTON, George W. The Cable Car in America PONY EXPRESS Howell-North Books 1971
HOBBY, C. F. The Street of Dragon Lanterns–Chinatown-San Francisco CONTRA COSTA CO GEOLOGY C. F. Hobby 1936
HOGUE, Harland E. Prophets & Paupers, Religion in the CA Gold Rush 1845-1869 CA Hist BANCROFT International Scholars Publications 1996
HOONAN, Charles Neah Bay, Washington LAFAYETTE Crown Zellerbach Corporation 1964
HORNBECK, David California Patterns-A Geographical and Historical Atlas CA Hist BEFORE 1848 Mayfield Publishing Company 1983
HOWARD, Robert West Hoofbeats of Destiny RANCHOS The New American Library, Signet Books 1960
HULANSKI, F.J. History of Contra Costa County SERRA, FATHER JUNIPERO Elms Publishing Company 1917
HUNT, Rockwell D. New California the Golden MONTEREY Silver Burdett Company 1937
HUNTER, Vickie & HAMMA, Elizabeth Stagecoach Days WALNUT CREEK Sunset Books 1963
IACOPI, Robert L. Look To The Mountain Top NATIVE AMERICANS Gousha Publications 1972
ISETTI, F.S.C, Ronald Eugene Called to the Pacific SAINT MARY’S COLLEGE St. Mary’s College of California 1979
ISRAEL, Fred L., Editor Sears Roebuck Catalogue, 1897 CONTRA COSTA CO HISTORY Chelsea House Publishers 1968
JACKSON, Hartley Everett California, A Concise History 1542-1939 RAILROADS n.d.
JOHNSON, Paul C. Pictorial History of California RAILROADS Doubleday & Co., Inc. 1970
JOHNSON, Paul R. Anza-Borrego Desert State Park CA Hist BANCROFT Anza-Borrego Desert Natural History Museum 1987
JOHNSTON, Hank They Felled the Redwoods in the High Sierra CA GOV’T & POLITICS Trans-Anglo Books 1967
JONES, Virgie V. Be It Ever So Humble….. SAN FRANCISCO Morris-Burt Press 1983
KEELER, Charles San Francisco and Thereabout CA TRAVEL A. M. Robertson 1906
KEMBLE, John Haskell San Francisco Bay, A Pictorial Maritime History CA TRAVEL Bonanza Books 1957
KENNEDY, Roger G. Mission CA Hist STATEHOOD Houghton Mifflin 1993
KIMBALL, Sandy La Fayette, A Pictorial History MISSIONS Lafayette Historical Society 1976
KIRSCH, Robert and Murphy, William S. West of the West, Witnesses to the CA Experience, 1542-1906 MISSIONS E. P. Dutton & Co., Inc. 1967
KNIGHT, OLIVER Life and Manners in the Frontier Army MAPS & ATLASES University of Oklahoma Press 1978
KNILL, Harry Early California and Her Flags US Hist the WEST Bellerophon Books 1989
KROEBER, Theodora Ishi KEITH, WILLIAM University of California Press 1961
KYVIG, David E. & MARTY, Myron A. Nearby History-Exploring the Past Around You SAN FRANCISCO AltaMira Press 2000
LANGELLIER, John Phillip and ROSEN, Daniel B. El Presidio de San Francisco CA NATURAL RESOURCES The Arthur H. Clark Company 1996
LANGLEY, Rolly War Gardens SAN FRANCISCO The Rosicrucian Press, Ltd. 1943
LAURIE, Sandra Legends of T’Sou-ke & West Coast Bands NATIVE AMERICANS 1978
LAURITZEN, Jonreed Colonel Anza’s Impossible Journey ALAMEDA G.P. Putnam Sons 1966
LAVENDER, David The Great West, American Heritage History RANCHOS The American Heritage Publishing Company 1965
LEAGUE of WOMEN VOTERS of Diablo Valley A Guide to California Government 14th Ed. ARGUELLO League of Women Voters of California Education Fund 1994
At The Foot of the Mountain SAN FRANCISCO League of Women Voters of Diablo Valley 1978
LEE Rebecca Lawrence Concha, ARIZONA Riverside Printers 1966
LEE, Rebecca Lawrence My Friend Father Ignacio ARGUELLO Riverside Printers Inc. 1971
LEVY, Jo Ann They Saw The Elephant, Women in the California Gold Rush CA NATURAL RESOURCES Archon Books 1990
LEWIS, Donovan Sawmill of Destiny: A Brief History of the Famous Sawmill that Started the California Gold Rush CA Hist BANCROFT Donella Enterprises 1982
LEWIS, Oscar Here Lived The Californians SEARS CATALOGS Rinehart & Company, Inc. 1957
The Story of California NATIVE AMERICANS Garden City Books, Garden City, N.Y. 1955
LEY, Gaston, Editor Monterey’s Adobe Heritage MONTEREY W.T. Lee Printing 1968
LEYDET, Francois The Last Redwoods & the Parkland of Redwood Creek CA GOV’T & POLITICS Sierra Club/Ballantine Books 1969
LEYKAM, John Contra Costa County SERRA, FATHER JUNIPERO Windsor Publications, Inc. 1989
LIGDA, Dorothy M. Saranap Then and Now US Hist the WEST Pleasant Hill Press 2006
LLOYD, Mildred S. Lafayette Grows Up MISSIONS Lafayette Elementary School 1963
LUCHETTI, Cathy & OLWELL, Carol Women of the West MORAGA FAMILY Antelope Island Press 1982
MARSCHNER, Janice California 1850: A Snapshot in Time CA Hist BANCROFT Coleman Ranch Press 2000
MARSHALL, Amelia Sue East Bay Hills. A Brief History CA HISTORY GENERAL The History Press 2017
MARTINEZ Carmela Grace Martinez-Images of America CA Hist BOLTON Arcadia Publishing 2004
MARTINEZ HISTORICAL MUSEUM Martinez-A California Town CA Hist BOLTON RSI Publications 1986
MARTINEZ HISTORICAL SOCIETY Primitive and Pioneer Sports PERALTA FAMILY A. S. Barnes & Company 1937
MASON, Bernard S. An Early History of the Moraga Schools LIBRARIES Self Published 1985
MAVES, Harold J. The Long Road of Father Serra CONTRA COSTA CO HISTORY Appleton-Century-Crofts, Inc. 1954
MAYNARD, Theodore The Genealogy of the Carr & Mazaika Families EARTHQUAKE Self Published 1982
MAZAIKA, Spain and Portugal in the New World, 1492-1700 MARTINEZ University of Minnesota Press 1984
McALISTER, Lyle N. Historical Romance of the CA Missions & Their Secularization CA HISTORY GENERAL 1930
McCAFFERY, Maurice Paul Tracks, Tires & Wires UNITED STATES Interurban Press 1981
McCALEB Charles S. Lafayette, Images of America US Hist WWII Arcadia Publishing 2007
McCOSKER, Mary & SOLON, Mary The History of St. Mary’s College, 1863-1963 SAINT MARY’S COLLEGE n.d.
McDEVITT, Brother Matthew The First California’s Chaplain CA Hist GOLD RUSH Academy Library Guild 1956
The Late Years of St. Mary’s College, 1879-1969 SAN FRANCISCO n.d.
McDEVITT, F. S. C, Brother V. Edmund Canyon: A History, 1840-1939 CA Hist BEFORE 1848 College of The Holy Names 1970
McEWEN, Janet The Delights of Fine Fashion SANTA BARBARA The Philadelphia Museum of Art 1979
McGARVEY, Elsie S. The Story of California MONTEREY Harper and Brothers, N.Y. 1944
McNEER, May Antique Tools….Our American Heritage LOS ANGLES Collector Books 1979
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