Moraga History – Walking Tours

Walking Tour: Old Moraga Town Site
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The Old Moraga Town Site was an ambitious undertaking in 1913 by James Irvine’s Moraga Company which never flourished. Only a few buildings were developed of which even fewer remain standing today. By 1935 Moraga had reverted to an agricultural region growing a variety of fruit, vegetable and grain crops among which pears and walnuts can still be seen today in the form of fading, wild orchards. When the development of Moraga resumed during the 1950s the old town site remained relatively unchanged until the 1970s when Russell Bruzzone undertook development of the Moraga Center. The 35-45 minute Old Town Site Walking Tour has been designed by Susan Skilton and John Kaiser to help people contemplate and ponder what Moraga could have become and to visualize what Moraga Valley and the surrounding area once looked like prior to Moraga’s incorporation as a town in 1974.

Walking Tour: St. Mary’s College
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The St. Mary’s College Walking Tour was created in 2021-2022 by Daniel Berkes as his Troop 212 Eagle Scout project. Three physical markers have been placed around the campus to document three important aspects of the history of SMC that helped make the college what it is today. The three tour stops are the Train Station where an electric train connecting Oakland to Lafayette served SMC until 1957, the Pre-Flight Base where the US Navy trained pilots during World War II, and the Football Stadium where the SMC football team played on and off from 1921 until 2004.