Moraga History Center – Key People Archives – Biographical File Index

The following archival files containing photographs, newspaper clippings and interviews related to these individuals and their families are available for viewing in our archive at the History Center (1500 St. Mary’s Road, Moraga, CA 94556-2099).

Individual Resident of Birth Death Notes
Abeloe, William Alameda/Contra Costa 1933 10/9/1982 Father William Abeloe was recognized as an authority on historical landmarks in California. His knowledge of this subject helped him win “Hit the Hot Spot”, a contest challenging the contestant’s knowledge of California’s history. He was the author of at least 3 books: Historic Spots of California, The History of Leander’s Parish, (in San Leandro) and The History of St. Anthony’s Parish (Oakland). Father Abeloe, former pastor of St. Perpetua Catholic Church, Lafayette died at the age of 49 of an apparent heart attack while attending a conference at Reno. See also: Father Abeloe’s transcription on Temescal (San Jose Mission Historical Society), Cassette O-30 Abeloe-Mission San Jose/Dickenson,E., Abeloe on Baja,CA-Oral History Reels # 42 (see also) # 36
Allen, John Canyon 1863 1950 John J. Allen was resident of Canyon. This folder contains brief family history,a picture of his home(1925),and a picture of his Indian Valley Ranch.
Alvarado, Juan Monterey 1809 1882 Juan Bautista Alvarado was Governor of California 1836-1842. This file includes: (1) his biography (2) a series of articles about his life written by Nilda Rego (3) San Pablo Historical Newsletters (4) a genealogy of Castro and J. B. Alvarado families (5) Rancho San Pablo notes and pictures (6) and miscellaneous clippings
Alviso Family This file contains (1) Aviso family tree (2) reference to the preservation of the Alviso adobe (3) an article regarding the town of Alviso (Also: Arbisu,wife of Igancio Moraga)
Anza, Juan Bautista Mexico-California 10/1/1904 11/22/1904 This large file of De Anza has pictures, genealogical lists and many articles that have reference to the De Anza name and history. Also available: Anza,J.B.-Amigos De, Anza, J.B. -Expedition -California- Re-Enactment of ‘ 75-76’, Anza, J.B. – Expedition-East Bay- Re-Enactment of ’76, Anza, J.B. Expeditions to California- 1174-75: 1775-76 Also: OSX 243 and a hand drawn map 0SX243R
Barnes, William Moraga 12/13/1886 25787 Bill Barnes, manager of the Moraga Ranch (starting approximately. 1921) Included in this file: Brother Dennis’s interview with Mr. Barnes as well as articles including the obituary notice. There are photo copies of events that Mr. Barnes attended.Also available: WM. Barnes Interviews-Cas. 8,9, 25 A, 25B: Tapes 3,12, 59
Beauchamp, Felix This file includes names of Felix and William Beauchamp and other members of the Beauchamp family. Also, there is a story regarding a horse race that William Beauchamp, the son of Constable Beauchamp, won.
Bernal, Juan Moraga 1802 1806 This file contains articles and photo copies of the Bernal family. Included in this file is the genealogical history of the Bernal family starting with Juan Francisco Bernal and wife Ana Maria Josefa de Soto. Also included: Announcements of the Bernal Family Millennium Reunion of 2001.
Biondi, Matt Moraga 1966 This file includes articles of Matt’s swimming career and as winner of Olympic gold. See also: Artifact F-1 (Robbins Poster & Program Summer Olympics 1988) Artifact I-12 (Pin, Town of Moraga XXIV Olympiad Program)
Boeger, Hank Moraga/Orinda 1913 This file contains newspaper articles regarding Hank Boeger’s life as the leaser of the 500 acre Gateway Valley Ranch located at the end of Brookside Road in Orinda.
Bosqui, Edward Moraga 1832 This file contains Edward Bosqui’s biography, several articles written by Brother Dennis in “Lake of the Redwood” byline, a map showing the location of the Bosqui Ranch in Moraga, San Francisco News memorial tribute to Mr. Bosqui, and pictures of a lithograph that Mr. Bosqui had created in 1877. Also included are pictures of: the valley where the Bosqui ranch was located, a copy of a portrait of Mr. Bosqui, and a copy of a picture of the Bosqui Co. building located in San Francisco.
Brandt, Michael Moraga Valley 1833 1889 This file contains articles regarding Michael Brandt ( also known as John Brand or Brandt) his background, his family, and the property he rented in the Moraga valley during the early 1870’s.
Breed, AHJr Piedmont 1904 1989 In this file are articles regarding A.H. Breed Senior and A.H. Breed Junior . (See also: Roads-Moraga Way(formerly Moraga Highway) folder See also: Display files F-4 #D 791/2 Campaign poster —no date, color State Senate 23″x171/2″
Briones, Felipe West C.C.County 1790 1848 This file contains articles of the Briones early family history which includes a genealogical record of the Briones family. Also included in this file are numerous articles regarding the development of Briones Regional Park.
Brown, Elam Lafayette 1797 1889 The Elam Brown file has a large collection of articles describing his life before,during and after settling in what is now Lafayette (Rancho Acalanes. Also included are stories of Lafayette, as well articles referring to descendants of Elam Brown.
Brown, William Brown Ranch (Laf.) The William Brown (Sanders Ranch) file holds a copy of the Homestead certificate certifying the purchase of the Brown Ranch. The other article included in the file is a report titled”The Brown Ranch Near Moraga” written by Edwin McInnis.
Bruzzone, Russell Lafayette 1926 2001 The Russell Bruzzone file include several newspaper articles telling of his successes as a real estate developer in the Lamorinda area. An obituary is also included.
Bryant, George Burton Valley This file contains one paper that tells of the purchase of a lot in Burton Valley and the possessions of G. Bryant (George Bryan or Briant)
Buchan, J Rancho Canada Included in this file is the deed for Rancho Canada del Hambre ”Mitchell Ranch” portion of land. There are several charts depicting property lines of this property Also included is a brief biography of J. Buchan’s family and a photo of the Buchan gas station on Old Tunnel Road.
Buckley, William Heywood Moraga 1822 This file contains one sheet that gives date of Buckley birth and names of possible family members as well as the date that Buckley settled in Moraga (1857)
Burgess, Robert Contra Costa County 1878 5/18/1905 This file of Robert Noble Burgess contains several articles describing his achievements as a business man and developer of real estate. The file includes memoirs recalling some of his business ventures. There is one photo of Burgess and his wife.
Burton, Grant Moraga 1949 2/14/1985 Grant Arthur Burton file contains a good collection of articles regarding the Burton family. There are several papers that tell of Grant Burton’s recollections of his early life in Moraga and his achievements later on as a farmer, businessman and community activist. See also: Cassettes 6&7, 23B
Carpentier, Horace W Oakland/Moraga 1824 6606 Horace Walpole Carpentier has had much written about his life acquiring status as a lawyer, attorney general and property owner. This file contains numerous articles about his life and acquisitions. See also: Sorrick at meeting –Cassette 28A Carpentier: Contra Costa County–Bio. Carpentier: Oakland Biog.-DX 86
Carr, AJ Moraga This file offers some background on the Carr family. There are several articles concerning the Carr Ranch history. See also: Carr family enclave in Sanders Ranch–Subdvs—Maps Carr Ranch (on map )OSX 228 (S.A. OSX 229) Carr Ranch —Maps-OSX228, OSX 229
Carrick, David Moraga 1833 This file listed as Carrick contains a brief background of David Carrick’s entry into Moraga’s early history. He was a squatter on 110 acres located in Coyote Gulch. There are numerous photo copies of the Carrick house and some background notes regarding the history of the house. See also: page 80 of Moraga’s Pride (second edition).
Carroll, Tom Moraga 1904 6/15/1986 The Carroll file has numerous photo copies and articles concerning the family history and development from pioneer ranch to modern day (Rheem) shopping center. Included are Carroll Country Club; Subdiv. Carroll Ranch) Carroll Biog.-Cas. 10, 11A, 20A, 20B Carroll Ranch. See also: Maps–Subdivs–Carroll Ranch Carroll Ranch, 1865 (orig.)–OSX 253 Carroll Ranch Maps –OSX 157
Castro, Victor Contra Costa County early 1800 This large file contains much information regarding the Castro family dating back to the family’s Mexican origin. There are numerous articles and pictures, pamphlets and a genealogy in the file. There is information regarding the settlement of Rancho San Pablo and what has taken its place during the ensuing years.
Courter, John Moraga John P. Courter file contains photo copies of the former store owned in 1854 by Courter. The file contains a few articles that tell of the location of the store and its former owners. There is a copy of a trial held to prove that Joaquin Moraga had sold 6 acres of land to Courter.
Curry, Edward Moraga 1862 Edward Curry file contains 3 articles. Article 1. A brief genealogy of the Edward Curry family and Netherton family; Article 2. An article regarding John Curry’s land holdings; Article 3. John Smith Netherton family list.See also: Abstracts(6 volumes) in Archive: Vol. I, pp.70,73, 143, 277, 278 Also: History of Bench and Bar, p. 483
Daly, James Moraga 1846 This file contains 1. photo of the James Marion Daly ranch site A brief list of the James M. Daley family 3. A newspaper article reflecting on the life of Edward J. Daley.
Daugherty, William William Daugherty file contains a census for the family.
Davis, Moses Moraga 1830 Moses Davis file contains one sheet that lists his birth state and a brief note regarding his part of history of the redwood timber harvest.
De Haesus, Tony Moraga 4/6/1905 Tony Dehesus file contains three articles regarding T. De Haesus role as director of the ( pre-incorporation ) Moraga planning commission.
De Laveaga, Edward Orinda 10/31/1911 2/14/1995 Edward Le Breton de Laveaga file contains articles that tell of the family history starting with his grandfather, Miguel de Lavaeaga. This file also includes information regarding the historic de Laveaga homesite.
Devin, Ray Moraga 5/27/1905 Ray and Marion Devin moved from Orinda to Moraga in 1949. This file contains three articles concerning their life before and after their involvement with Moraga civic life.
Dickenson, Elinor Moraga 1903 3/1/1993 Elinor Dickenson was a respected contributing member of the Moraga community. This file contains articles telling of her role as postmaster, mayor and beloved citizen of the community. See also: Cas. 7B, 13A, 13B, 30B ; ElinorDickenson Cert. of Appreciation –181/2″x23 framed
Domigos, Mary Briones/Moraga 01/1894 Mary (Mamie) Domigos file contains a list of the Joseph Souza Domingos family, a list of sold property and to whom it was sold. Also there is a description of sold real property located in Contra Costa and San Joaquin County. There is a business card of Helen Buchanan (youngest of the Domingos) representing Apple Realty, San Leandro. See also: “Mamie” Tape 29
Draeger, Frank Moraga 1905 10/23/1983 Frank W. Draeger’s file contains a large collection of engineering history….especially regarding the streets of Moraga. Included in the file are two copies of ” Developing The Moraga Company Ranch 1922-1977″. See also: Tape 41, Cas. 23A: and his book.
Fages, Pedro Don Pedro Fages, Spanish explorer led an expedition into what is known now as Contra Costa country. This file contains several articles or reports describing the expedition’s trip into Contra Costa. There are articles referring to sighting by the Fages expedition of the Golden Gate entry into the Bay. Two photo copies show historical markers —Strawberry Canyon and the other located on California College of Arts and Crafts campus. See also: 1-Fages,Ortega–Discovery of S. F. Bay 1769 poster 20″x17″ mounted on white poster board—Location: Display Flat Files F-4 D781/2
Fine, John Moraga Valley 09/02/1798 08/14/1878 This file of John Fine contains copies of the family tree, a brief history of his life, a photo of his daughters, a history and genealogy of the Blair-Moffett family, and a handwritten will made by Sarah Fine.
Fitch, Henry Sonoma The Fitch family file has several copies of the records of family connections to the Carrillos of early San Diego as well of family connections to the Moragas. Included in the file is a short story of the romance of Captain Henry Fitch and Josepha Carrillo.
Freitas Family Moraga This file contains information regarding the Freitas family who were sharecroppers in the Moraga area.. There are photo copies of Manuel Freitas’s life in Moraga and stories regarding his mother, Mary Freitas, who raised 18 Freitas children. See also: Cas. 29A,B,C,D
Galindo, Ruth Concord 1911 12/25/1999 This file contains numerous articles telling about Ruth Galindo’s life as a Concord resdient and local historian and teacher. She was often interviewed for her stories regarding her pioneer family and of early life in Concord and surrounding area.Her great-grandfather was Don Francisco Galindo, part owner of Monte del Diablo, a land grant given by the Mexican governor of California .
Gan, Isaac Moraga 1813 The Gann file contains brief articles regarding memoirs or notes taken from law cases and notes from a journal of Joseph Lamson. Brief articles describe early pioneering life in the Moraga Valley. Included is a report regarding the recollections of C.H. Gann, son of Isaac Gann, as a young boy growing up in early Moraga territory.
Gardner, John Moraga NA NA This file contains 2 copies of the deed to a parcel of land in the amount of $4500 located in the area of the Moraga Ranch, originally granted by the Mexican Government to Joaquin Moraga and Juan Bernal. The same parcel was also known as the Rancho Laguna de los Palos Colorados. John H. W. Gann was the buyer.
Gartla N, James Contra Costa County This file contains copies of the Supreme Court case of James Gartlan versus Horace W. Carpentier. Included are Gartlan property information and Judge Bray information.
Gerow Family Contra Costa County This file contains genealogies of the Gerow family dating back to 1692. There are articles telling about Mrs. Edward Searles Gerow and Mrs. Mary Jane Gerow of Lafayette. There is a copy of the William W. Gerrow death certificate. There also is a photo of the William Gerrow family (undated) See also: Casa Vieja
Goodman, Brother Dennis Moraga 5/29/1915 8/6/2003 Brother Dennis Goodman was a professor, librarian and archivist at Saint Mary’s College for 39 years. This file contains numerous articles, pictures, and notes regarding his work and awards. See also: Brother Dennis’s column in Sun Newspaper “Lake of the Redwoods” also: Brother Dennis–Slide Show CAS 28B
Grant, William Moraga 10/04/1843 1870 This file contains: Grant family that immigrated from Scotland sometime in mid Eighteenth Century. The article contains 10 pages one sided of the personal recollections of (Daniel?) Grant remembering growing up on a Canadian farm and later on a ranch in Moraga area.
Hall, Maria Contra Costa County This file contains the records of the transfer of Rancho Laguna de los Palos Colorados (Moraga Rancho) by Maria Hall to Horace Carpentier Dated 1887. Included in this file is the contract made by Carpentier to grant a portion of this land to Maria Hall dated 1883.
Hamlin, Oliver Lafayette 1973 Oliver Hamlin, Jr. file contains: Article of his life and death; article regarding McMillan and Cox store; letter with Donahe, Richards & Hamlin Attorneys at Law letterhead; Photos of Oliver Hamlin, and photo of Ida Cunnigham Hamlin.
Hansen Canyon This file contains two articles: How the Hansen Hotel/Saloon Burned Down(written by Tom Carroll 1982) …..2) Article written by Gladys Shally regarding stories connected to the hotel…
Harwood, HenryE Moraga 1858 1946 Henry Elisha Harwood file contins articles that list family genealogy, some copies of hunting games sold to an Oakland butcher shop, 4 copies of the Moridian (newspaper), an article about his life, and photo copies of him, his mother,, his wife, and a group picture.
Hastings, Lansford 1819 1870 Lansford W. Hastings file has various articles concerning Mr. Hastings and other pioneers that were a part of his life.There are several articles that tell of his life as a land surveyor, a pioneer developer, a leader in government planning and as an author.
Haven, William Moraga This file contains a brief listing of the Haven family line, a short summary of the Haven’s settling on the ranch in Moraga Valley (1850’s),letters refering to the Bosqui family, and articles refering to the explosion that occured in the Wells Fargo San Francisco office.
Higley, HA This file contains one item:a slip of 5×12″ paper with A.A. Higley handwritten name
Hodges This file has 2 items: a list of Hodges starting with Samuel Hodges born in Illinois and the second article is a faded legal document regarding real estate value and improvements naming Ben Hodges as participant in this record. See also: Reel 36 A
Hooper, Charles Contra Costa County 03/14/1843 7/1/1914 Charles A Hooper file contains copies of various court case papers pertaining to old law suits that were filed regarding sale to Mr. Hooper of The Rancho Laguana Le Los Palos Colorados Rancho.Also included in this file is an article about Mr. Hooper’s role as ‘Lumber King’. There is a article dated 7/13/1914 regarding his life and death
Hostetter, Frank Moraga valley 11/22/1829 2/24/1908 This file contains: Biographiccal record of Frank Hostetter 2) an assessor’s 1860 record of the Hostetter Moraga valley ranch holdings.
Hough, Orlando Lafayette This large file contains copies of letters written by Hough family. There is a list of the letters in this file. Included in the file there is a newspaper clipping showing early photo of Frank and Sadie Hough. Also, there is a newspaper clipping of an early view of Lafayette
Houston This file contains one short item dated May 14,1861…Regarding an incident of horse sttealing, murder… This incidence appears to have taken place on Houston’s Ranch
Hunsaker, Nicholas Contra Costa County 1855 1932 This file includes genealogical records of the Hunsaker families…It also includes two articles listing the sheriffs of Contra Cost County from 1850 that includes Nicholas and James Hunsaker. There is a brief article regarding the ranches bordering Las Trampas Creek that were owned by Nicholas, Daniel and Joseph Hunsaker during the 1850s-60s.
Hupp, James Orinda The James G. Hupp file has numerous articles written by conservationist Hupp. Also included in the file are copies of the former ‘Moridian’, ‘Canyon Collective’,and ‘Vocations for Social Change’. See also: Casette 112
Irvine, James Moraga 10/12/1867 8/24/1947 James Irvine.Jr. file contains many documents regarding the Irvine genealogy as well as other articles regarding his life. There are detailed articles regarding the Moraga Ranch activities as well as other interests of James Jr. See also:os 190(California Pioneer’s Plaque) See also: Irvine Co. – include Irvine &Moraga Co. Ranches(2 folders)
Ivey, William Moraga 1815 This file contains a brief summary of William H. Ivey’s life. Included in the file :2 articles regarding Casa Peralta and a short story regarding a theft of barley 1853)
Jenkins, Alexander Orinda/Moraga 1893– This file contains articles telling of the house that Captain Jenkins built in 1893 . These articles have interesting stories regarding the house . The house still stands along busy Moraga Way leading from Orinda to Moraga.
Jones, WmCarey 1854 10/2/1923 William Carey Jones file has a few articles pertaining to various litigations regarding original California land grants. Dr. Jones was a grandson of the famous Senator Benton of Missouri.
Kendall, Samuel Moraga 1817 3/17/1905 Samuel Kendall file includes numerous (copied) letters written to Jennie Kendall,copies of the family names and date of births, photo copy of the Kendall family, and copies of the assessment of Samuel Kendall properties. See also: Williams family
Lamp, Phillip Lafayette/Moraga 1861 08/17/1895 This file contains genealogy of the Lamp family, assessments of Ernst Lamp’s Moraga Ranch holdings, an article about Phillip Lamp and a few other miscellaneous articles .
Lamson, Joseph Moraga/Canyon 1817? 1902? This file has many of Lamson’s written observations of life in the redwoods (Canyon) during the 1850’s. There are some references to family and his background.
Larch, Michael Moraga This file contains an article regarding the Larch ranch, a map of the area (no date) and a photo copy of various individuals(no explanations).
Leidesdorff, William San Francisco 1810 1848 This small file contains a a brief background of Mr. Leidesdorff’s life . Included is an article regarding the time Mr. Leidesdorff owned Rancho Acalanes(Lafayette)
Lucas, ManueldeAvila Moraga 1870 1940 This file contains : Lucas family tree, a short story of life on the Lucas ranch (Moraga), and several articles regarding various members of the Lucas family. See also: Frank: Reel 55
Madsen, Erick Moraga 1832 not listed This file contains 2 brief biographical sketches of Erick’s background and life as a rancher. His ranch was located near the present day Sanders Ranch. Also included in the file are 6 photo-copies of ranchlife.
Magee, James Moraga Valley 1815 12/02/1862 James Magee file has 3 brief stories regarding James Magee’s life as a rancher in Moraga Valley, and a few copies of information regarding the ranch.
Maison, Louis Moraga Valley 1811 This small file contains a few copies of legal dispositions and court cases regarding property owned by the Maison family. I
Mccosker, Patrick Canyon This large file contains various articles regarding the McCosker family. Originally Patrick McCosker had settlled in Canyon in 1865. The articles refer to early life in Canyon and also includes articles regarding other members of the McCosker family. See also:(Alfred–Canyon-Tape 9):Joseph-casset 32 &33)
Meacham, George Moraga 1828 This file has articles regarding David and George Meacham and their ownership of property within the Moraga Valley.
Merrill, John Moraga Rancho 1815 This file contains a brief background of john Merrill’s life, and a few references to history of his Moraga Valley ranch at the time of his ownership.
Moraga, Gabriel Moraga Valley This large file contains much information regarding this Moraga family.
Muir, John Martinez,CA 1838 12/24/1914 This large file pertaining to John Muir contains many articles concerning his life as an adventurer and champion of perserving nature. There are many articles that describe his Martinez home.
Mulholand, John Moraga 1837 4/23/1900 This file contains a large assortment of the Mulholand family history. There are copies of diaries written by various family members. There is a brief genealogy of John’s family. See also: Reels 3 & 27
Munsterer, Otto Moraga This file contains articles pertaining to an assessement on Moraga’s new development along Country Club Drive (formerly Munster Drive). There were several articles regarding the assessment cost to the residents, especially the Munsterer’s.
Murrieta, Joaquin central California This file contains several articles regarding the legendary figure Joaquin Murrieta and the stories srrounding his life as a bandit.
Mutnick, Dorothy Lafayette 1909 11/1/1989 Dorothy Gittinger Mutnick, author, historian and resident of Lafayette left a legacy of local history research. This file contains many articles regarding some of the history she gathered as well as items regarding her recognition as an author and historian.
Nunes Family Moraga Valley This file contains articles pertaining to the Portugese families that settled in the Moraga Valley area. There are notes regarding members of the Nunes family. There is an interview of Bill Nunes that tells of the life within the old adobe.
O’Connell, John Moraga Valley This file contains four articles that have brief notes about the Cahill and O’Connell family.
Pacheco, Salvio Concord This file contains many articles regarding the pioneer family of Don Salvio Pacheco There are articles about the early fellow settlers of what was an original Spanish or Mexican grant of 17,921 acres at Monte del Diablo..
Peralta, Luis Alameda County This file contains several articles regarding the history of the Luis Peralta family. Included are references to other materials regarding the Peralta history.
Perkins, Samuel Moraga This file contains three article; two of which refer to Perkins vs. Central Pacific R. R. and the tract of property within Moraga Rancho .
Reed, Zelotes Moraga Valley this file contains only two brief accounts of Reed’s ranch experiences.
Reichert, Ludwig Moraga Valley 1816 1883 Ludwig (also known as Richard, Louis ) Reicherdt was born in Germany and came to California in 1848 to eventually settle in the Moraga Valley. This small file contains three articles referring to the Reicherdt genealogy and listing of Ludwig’s Moraga land holdings. See also: Jacjie Paganelli (Moraga)
Reinwick, Walter Moraga Valley 1828 This file contains 2 brief papers regarding Renwik immediate family of 1857 when they lived on a Moraga ranch.
Reynolds, Albert Moraga Valley 1856 Albert Reybolds file contains a genealogy of the Reynolds Clan, a copy of an article written by Hal Johnson titled “So We’re Told” dated 1946; the marriage certificate of Albert and Emma Lamp.
Reynolds, Ezekiel Moraga Valley 1/5/1905 3/16/1905 This file contains brief summary of the genealogy of the Reynold family.
Rheem, Donald Moraga 7/28/1901 1/17/1983 The Donald Rheem file contains much information regarding his life and his accomplishments. There are articles describing local property that he owned and developed as well as articles describing other industrial businesses he created.
Robinson, Stephen Moraga 1956 This file contains many articles regarding Steve’s youth and his dreams of becoming an astronaut. There are pictures and articles of his achievement of becoming an astronaut and being a part of the crew on the shuttle, Columbia.
Rose, Manuel Moraga Valley This file has a laarge collection of letters written to Manuel from a variety of acquaintances.
Sanders, Frank Moraga This file contains photo copies of the ranch buildings and location of the Carr-Sanders ranch. A few articles tell of the Carr and Sanders families.
Saufley, RC This file holds one article: District Court report given in The Contra Costa Gazette in 1864 that names R.C. Saufley vs. H.W. Carpentier.
Sheridan Family Moraga This file has several records of the births and deaths of the Sheridan family and their spouses.
Shuey Family Moraga Valley This is a large file containing various family records (births and deaths). It also contains several articles relating stories of the families and their experiences as settlers in California and the Moraga Valley starting in the 1850’s.
Sibrian Family Moraga Valley This file contains records of the family tree of the extensive Sibrian family and their relatives. Also, included in this file are copies of original baptismal records and some information regarding the Sibrian family that lived in Moraga Valley during the 1820’s and 1830’s.
Small, Daniel Moraga Valley This file contains a small collection of legal forms and related issues regarding Carpentier’s complaint against Small and other land holders of the valley.
Smith, W.W, Contra Costa County This file contains the geneology of the John Smith family dating back to 1822. The other item is an article that tells a little about W.W. Smith and his brother Joseph and their efforts as carpenters building houses in the county in 1849.
Soberanes There is only one item in this file. It is a genealogy of the Soberanes family dating back to 1777.
Soule, George Moraga Valley One photo copy dated 1861 of the probate appraisal of the Soule property.
Southard, William Moraga Valley 12/8/1904 This small file includes: photos of the Southard barn, a paragraph regarding William Southard, a short genealogy list of the Southard family, and a brief listing of events connected to Southard’s life as a Moraga Valley land holder.
Stein, Louis Contra Costa County 8/21/1902 11/11/1996 Louis L. Stein file contains: an interview done by local historians in 1972, and articles regarding Mr. Stein and his contribution as a historian of historical sites in Contra Costa County. See also: Tape 44A,44B,45.
Stewart, John Moraga Valley 1814 1869 John Stewart file contains: a brief family history, a description of the Moraga Valley property, a photocopied map of the ranch location,a probate copy of the property after his death, and an inventory of the estate.
Strode, Charles Moraga Valley The Charles B. Strobe file contains one legal document (copy) of the sale of part of the Rancho de la Laguana do loo Palos Colorados. See also: Subdivisions–Strobe Strip.
Taylor, John Moraga Valley 1821 John Taylor file contains one brief entry: the year he settled in Moraga, and a short list of first names and birth years of direct decendants.
Thomson, Peter Lafayette 1/3/1905 This file contains a brief list of his life as a resident of the Redwoods and Lafayette. There are two (dark) copies of property (legal) matters.
Tibbetts, Reginald Moraga 6/3/1911 11/24/1996 This file has articles telling of Reginal F. Tibbetts’s interesting life as a communications and engineering expert. Many of the articles are stories of his double life as an espionage person for the U.S. military. See also:MAPS- OSX232 and OSX246–see Bollinger Canyon- v-file
Trego, Don Moraga Valley This small file contains a photo copy of the Trego Ranch 1935 and a paragraph explaining some of the history of the ranch.
Trelute Family Moraga Valley This file of the Trelut family contains several copies of the genealogy of the Trelute family. There is a brief description of the Moraga Valley Trelut Ranch and a few brief stories about members of the Trelut family.
Valencia, Candelario Rancho Acalanes 02/02/1804 This file contains lists of the Valencia family and their descendants. There are articles pertaining to family history.
Vallejo, Mariano Sonoma County 7/04/1807 01/18/1890 This large file contains a variety of information regarding the history of the Sonoma Mission founded by General Mariano Vallejo. There are other articles concerning family and early California history. There is a photo of Vallejo’s home, La Casa Grande (OH 324)
Van Duyn, John Moraga Valley 1841 This small file contains brief references to family geneology and a brief summary of his Moraga Ranch and property assessment.
Venable, James Moraga Valley This file contains one article that gives a brief narrative of the routes taken from ranch to ranch or to the store.
Wallace, Ed Orinda 5/27/1900 1/30/1995 This large file contains many article describing the achievments of the Wallace Real Estate Company and the Wallace family that established it.
Welch, William Contra Costa 1846 William Welch was the first “foreigner” to acquire a Mexican Land grant in Contra Costa(about 1828). Included in this limited file are articles telling of Welch’s attempts and final success in establishing a ranch in Contra Costa
White, William This file contains three articles two photos of Kate Brown Irvine and a copy of James Irvine family genealogy.
Whiting, James Moraga Valley 1830 This file contains two items: a very brief genealogical list of James Whiting’s family, and a copy of the ‘Statement of Appeal” trial (1860) regarding a Moraga Ranch land dispute (John Courter vs. James Whiting)
Williams, Jesse Moraga Valley 1815 1891 Jesse Williams file contains family background as well as the history of the Moraga Rancho that Jesse acquired from Joaquin Moraga’s heir, Jose de Jesus Moraga, in 1857 and other historical notes regarding the family and ranch. See also: Tapes 3,6
Wiltz, John Moraga area This file contains 2 brief articles: a list of John Wiltz family and a tax assessment (short) list of Wiltz’s possessions dated 1860.
Winslow Family This folder contains miscellaneous articles regarding the Winslow family . There are some brief references to the Oakland Trout Company ( also known as Fish Ranch).
Yoakum, Issac Moraga Valley This file contains: copies of court records regarding real estate disputes, and a description of the Yoakum and Moraga land feud.