Stop 6 – Former Post Offices: 1955 PO at 1350 Moraga Way & 1966 PO at 1545 School St

Walking Tour Old Town Site Moraga - 2022 View of former 1955 and 1966 Post Offices

  • The first post office serving the Rancho Laguna de Los Palos Colorados was located in John Courter’s store built around 1854 at the corner of what is now Larch Ave and Canyon Road, the edge of what today is the St. Monica Catholic Church.
  • A government post office was established in 1916 at the train station across from the Moraga Barn.
  • The first US Post Office was built in 1955 at the corner of Moraga Way and School St long after the old Town Site had ceased to be relevant. Today it is occupied by the Creative Montessori Preschool.
  • In 1966 a new post office was built down the street at the corner of Country Club Drive and School Street, and the old post office was remodeled to serve as a real estate office.
  • In 1988 the US Postal Service opened a new main office in the Rheem Center. This eventually led to the closure of the Post Office in the old town site on October 14, 2011. The building currently houses “Joy in Motion,” a non-profit dance organization.

Walking Tour Old Town Site Moraga - 1955 Post Office
Walking Tour Old Town Site Moraga - 1966 Post Office

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