Walking Tour Old Moraga Town Site Stop 1 – Moraga Barn: 925 County Club Drive

  • The building known as the Moraga Barn is located at 925 Country Club Drive. A plaque marks the building as part of the old Moraga town site. It was built as the Moraga Hotel in 1914 on the street then known as Railroad Avenue.
  • The building initially served as an inn for travelers on the train. The main train station in Moraga was located just across the street. Over the years, the Barn also was a tavern, a store, and a place for mail delivery. Note the Train Station plaque across the street and the Moraga Barn plaque.
  • The Moraga Barn has been named Moraga Hotel, Moraga Mercantile, Moraga Tavern, Moraga Bar, and when Contra Costa County rules forbade the word “Bar” in a business name, the “n” was added.
  • Today the Moraga Barn is an office complex.

Walking Tour Old Town Site Moraga - The Barn
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