Moraga History – Infrastructure – Subdivisions: Valle Vista

Valle Vista Subdivision No3 was developed in 1913 and is the most interesting subdivision of them all because it no longer exists. During the 1920s EBMUD’s predecessor created the San Leandro Reservoir to supply Alameda County and used eminent domain to acquire lots which today are underwater. Over subsequent decades it acquired the remaining lots to prevent water quality problems from upstream drainage. Today Valle Vista is part of the EBMUD watershed which can be accessed via the Valle Vista Staging Area with an EBMUD pass. There is little evidence of past dwellings. Our goal is to recover as much of the lost Valle Vista subdivision as possible and to set the stage we have digitized Valle Vista maps, documents and photos in our archives which are presented as mini-catalogs through dedicated web pages that will be updated as we find more material. MHS board member Vera Kochan wrote a two part feature for the Lamorinda Weekly: Moraga’s own Lost City of Atlantis, and Moraga’s all but forgotten subdivision and its residents.

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