Board of Directors

Susan Sperry, President

Dick Olsen, 1st Vice President

Bill Lund, 2nd Vice President

Bonnie Krames, Recording Secretary


Colleen Lund, Parlementarian

Bob Sornsen, Treasurer

John Minney, Member at Large

Susan Skilton, Research Director

Committee Members

Membership: Bill Lund
Programs: Dick Olsen and Ron Louis
Archives: Margaret DePriester
Research: Susan Skilton
Romerias: Dick Olsen
Pot Luck: YTBD for ’19
Banquet: Susan Sperry
Telephone: Ellie Vaughan
Quarterly: Larry Swindell
Publicity: Susan Sperry
Marketing: Ron Louis
Hospitality/Refreshments: Ron Louis
New Member Orientation: Elsie Mastick